Perth Freight Link


Project Overview

The $1.6 billion Perth Freight Link is the largest road infrastructure project ever to be undertaken in Western Australia. It was designed to provide a dedicated, high productivity, east-west freight connection between Perth’s heartland industrial areas and Fremantle Port. Current stop-start traffic will be replaced with free-flowing vehicle movement. The project set out to link the $1 billion Gateway WA project and the $1.12 billion NorthLink WA (Perth to Darwin Highway) project to provide a free flowing 85km route from Muchea to Fremantle Port and Perth’s southern industrial and trade centres – delivering significant benefits to the economy, industry, motorists and local communities. Two major contracts (for Section 1 and Section 2) were awarded later in 2015 with infrastructure works idealised to commence in early 2016 and be completed in 2019. Commencement of construction of the Perth Freight

Link is subject to environmental approval. The first section of Roe Highway Stage 8 will provide improved access into the Murdoch Activity Centre, including Fiona Stanley Hospital in the first half of 2017.


TBH’s Role

TBH was engaged by MRWA to assist in developing the programme of works for the project and providing strategic advice. In January 2015 concept drawings for Section 1 and a route plan for Section 2 were passed to TBH to prepare a high level construction methodology for the project. The main focus was work flow and traffic flow though the various work fronts, and to ensure the project could be executed within the allotted time frame.

The programme demonstrated the overall design, procurement and construction process through both Sections, integrating the initial design elements and the land acquisitions.

Utilising industry standard production rates, TBH’s experience and benchmarking against similar projects, a more detailed construction programme was produced. This changed the original methodology slightly and provided a more detailed view of how the individual areas of work integrated with each other demonstrating improved efficiency in work and traffic flow.

To find out more about TBH’s Planning & Scheduling experience, please visit the Planning & Scheduling page.

Project Overview

Client Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA)
Services Project Programming and Scheduling
Value $1.6 billion
Duration 2015
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