Space Surveillance Telescope (SST)


Project Overview

The SST project will provide the facilities and supporting infrastructure necessary to support the operations of the Space Surveillance Telescope. This will include the telescope dome, operating facilities, and plant and equipment required to power and cool the telescope.

The project will develop an ADF space surveillance capability, enhance the global surveillance capability, and provide an increased ability to track space debris.

The project will also demonstrate an increased Australian and US commitment to closer space cooperation and provides further practical expression to the 2010 Space Situational Awareness partnership.

TBH’s Role

TBH was engaged to:

  • Analysed all activities and procedures (defence), and developed a detailed for project construction, including; fabrication, procurement, construction, integrated commissioning, and handover to operations.
  • Provided monthly programme status updates, including; analysing the effect of any slippage, and identifying critical tasks in the next status period.
  • Provided delay analysis expertise and options analysis to mitigate risks / impacts to programme as much as possible.

To find out more about TBH’s Planning & Scheduling experience, please visit the Planning & Scheduling page.

Project Overview

Client Sitzler
Services Programming and Scheduling
Value $50 million
Duration 2016 - Ongoing
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