Suburban Rail Loop Program


Project Overview

Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) is the largest transport Program to be constructed in Victoria. It comprises a 90km underground rail line connecting Melbourne’s middle suburbs along with associated precinct development and urban renewal works. The rail loop will circle Melbourne, connecting together major railways lines, education and health precincts, employment and activity centres and Melbourne Airport. The Program will be constructed in stages over multiple decades, including:

  • Cheltenham to Box Hill (South-East) (Stage 1)
  • Box Hill to Melbourne Airport (North-East) (Future Stage/s)
  • Melbourne Airport to Sunshine (North-West, Airport Rail Link)
  • Sunshine to Werribee (South-West) (Future Stage/s)


TBH’s Role

TBH was engaged by SRL to work collaboratively with their infrastructure project support team in the development and implementation of a risk management function, setting up the governance and reporting structure, and overseeing daily operations. This include:

  • Draft risk management plan, including contingency determination
  • Draft, document and finalise supporting risk management framework, i.e. procedures, guides, manual (including reporting procedures/guidelines).
  • Design assurance and risk governance structure, hierarchy and program and portfolio view
  • Design, develop and pilot processes and associated tools e.g. risk register, and reporting dashboards
  • Design, develop and pilot required organisational change & training material


The TBH Difference 

TBH provide a targeted and unified solution that improves the overall quality and accuracy of project delivery within SRL infrastructure teams. The solution has been designed with a mind towards repeatability and transparency tailored to SRL needs, which will improve ease of management across SRL program and encourage proactive, rather than reactive, management. Better decision making will also result through the consolidation of various data sources into a streamlined reporting dashboard, that can be expanded in the future to include real-time data as the overall maturity of the control processes increases.

To find out more about TBH’s Risk Management and Planning & Scheduling experience, please visit the Risk Management or Planning & Scheduling page.

Project Overview

Client Suburban Rail Loop (SRL)
Services Risk Management
Value Confidential
Duration 2019 - 2050
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