Sydney DESAL Program Review


Project Overview

The project was part of a state government initiative to secure Sydney’s water supply against the effects of climate change and population growth, and will produce 250 megalitres of water per day with an expansion capacity of up to 500 megalitres.

A joint venture was set up to deliver this program which was called Blue Water Joint Venture (Veolia Water and John Holland). The joint venture constructed the plant which Veolia Water is now operating and maintaining. Construction commenced in 2007 and included extensive environmental monitoring and a comprehensive community consultation program. The plant began providing drinking water to Sydney on 28 January 2010.


TBH’s Role

TBH was engaged by Sydney Water to review the effectiveness of the joint venture operation.

During the engagement TBH conducted a full review of the resources, process documentation (including communication plan and risk management plan), DESAL Plant master program, and team collaboration tool.

The key benefits which TBH delivered included:

  • Improved communication strategy; faster more structured decision making process
  • Improved team collaboration and implementation of a standard approach for team communication
  • Improved team structure
  • Realignment of schedule and monitoring roles and responsibilities resulting in easements identified and programmed in a timely manner
  • Implementation of increased governance

To find out more about TBH’s Project Management experience, please visit the Project Management page.

Project Overview

Client Sydney Water Corporation
Services Project Management
Value $1.9 billion
Duration 2010
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