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Investment decision makers need assurance that their investments are going to achieve the desired outcomes in a timeframe and for a cost that is acceptable to them.
To fully understand the risks and opportunities associated with the investment, TBH helps provide certainty that the expected value is realised and then protected through the project delivery phase.

Strategic Advisory Expertise

For almost 60 years, TBH has provided assurance through its market-leading core expertise in integrated time, cost, risk and commercial management and dispute resolution. This is achieved by providing concise but rigorous advice on risks, opportunities, planning, optimisation and reporting to Executives, Boards and investors. This approach is founded on deep technical analysis and review of strategic plans, constructability, capital infrastructure investment decisions and acquisitions.


Specialist Skills

  • Due diligence
  • Capital investment lifecycle assurance:
    • Letter of Opinion
    • Lender’s Technical Advisor
    • Independent Certification & Verification
  • Capital Project Assurance & Delivery Readiness Review
  • Translation of corporate ESG strategy into project objectives & outcomes
  • Cost Escalation Forecasting
  • Strategic Masterplanning
  • Strategic Business Cases
  • Portfolio monitoring & reporting
  • Business transformation, governance design and Organisational Change Management
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