TBH SR team assisted Australian Antarctic Division to provide Project Management Advisory Services

Congratulations to TBH Director Jiong Zhu, Associate Director James Dunphy and the team for being shortlisted by the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD), for Contract and Project Management Advisory Services for the Australian Antarctic Program.

The Australian Antarctic Program is led by the Australian Antarctic Division, and encompasses all the nation’s activities in Antarctica, from scientific research through to logistics and transport. The Program is highly collaborative, with partnerships across government and more than 150 national and international research institutions. Australia’s focus is on conducting science of critical national importance and global significance.

The Project TBH is shortlisted for involves the renovation, refurbishment and renewal work on Australia’s three research stations in Antarctica. Each station has a population which ranges between 40 and 100 expeditioners.

James said, “With over 55 years’ experience in project management advisory and cost services, TBH is committed to supporting the Australian Antarctic Program to help them deliver their 20 year Strategy and Action Plan, which outlines their vision for Australia’s future engagement in Antarctica”.

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