A380 Project


Project Overview

In 2002, TBH was contacted by SACL to prepare a master programme for the works required for the introduction of the A380 aircraft to Sydney Airport. The Airbus A380 is a double-deck, wide-body, four-engine airline and is the largest passenger airliner in the world. The A380 made its first commercial flight on 25 October 2007 from Singapore to Sydney with Singapore Airlines.

The project involved initial studies to determine what work would be required in order for Sydney Airport to be able to accommodate the larger aircraft. Once the initial studies were complete and aircraft delivery times confirmed by the airlines, the master programme could be prepared for the physical work.

Once the design had been progressed, more detailed programmes for the construction work was undertaken. The works included widening of taxiways, strengthening of General Holmes Drive Tunnel, relocation of Taxiway G, installation of jet blast protection, new pavement and fuel lines at gate positions, new aerobridges, new fixed gate links and modified gate lounges. All this work had to be undertaken without disruption to the airport operations.

TBH’s Role

  • Development of a broad master programme for the A380 project including its subprojects
  • Preparation of detailed project specific programmes for the A380 project
  • Development of a coordinated programme for the staging of the A380 airfield activities with other airfield projects
  • Analysis of contractor proposals
  • Review and updates of coordinated programmes

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Project Overview

Client Sydney Airport Corporation
Services Programming
Value $180 million
Duration 2007
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