Hong Kong Data Centre Exit Program

Hong Kong

Project Overview

The Hong Kong Data Centre Program of works was initiated as one of Macquarie Bank Group’s two Hong Kong Data Centres was planned to be demolished in October 2016. Concurrent to this, Macquarie Bank made an executive decision to transition into an outsourced model which would leverage a single global service provider (HP) to enable the establishment of an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environment, and a co-location facility in Hong Kong.


TBH’s Role

TBH was engaged by Macquarie Bank Group to provide extensive Planning, Scheduling and Reporting within the transition period. The scope of service included:

  • Development of a detailed schedule covering all work streams ensuring all key contractual and deliverable milestones were captured and mapped
  • Development of a detailed schedule including various custom views, tables, filters and outputs to simplify information for stakeholders
  • Development of high-level timelines, slippage reports, critical activity reports, project and program status reports
  • Establishment and implementation of various processes required for the scheduling solution
  • Identification, capture and mapping of key program dependencies and interdependencies, both internal to the client and external to third party partners and vendors
  • Monitoring of the status of all key contractual and deliverable milestones
  • Integration of Jira (Risk and Issues) and other systems as required.

To find out more about TBH’s Planning & Scheduling experience, please visit the Planning & Scheduling page.

Project Overview

Client Macquarie Bank Group
Services Planning, Scheduling and Reporting
Value Confidential
Duration 2015 - 2017
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