Manning Road Onramp


Project Overview

The Manning Road onramp Project was planned to ease the access to the Kwinana Freeway and improve congestion at the Canning Bridge Interchange. The Project streamlines vehicle access to the Freeway with the addition of a ramp instead of the previous diversion loop through the traffic lights surrounding Canning Bridge. In addition to the onramp the Project includes a southbound freeway lane extending from Manning Road to the Edgewater Road Footbridge, a merging lane and a noise wall. As of the 13th of July the Manning Road onramp was opened to the public, being the first southbound entry added to the Kwinana Freeway in over 40 years and reducing the travel times for the 7000 daily commuters in peak traffic by up to 5 minutes.


TBH’s Role

TBH was engaged by BMD Construction to provide project planning and scheduling services throughout the duration of the Project. TBH were able to review and analyse monthly updates to identify critical and near critical paths, while assessing the key slippages compared to the baseline. The monthly status also included progress reports identifying areas that required greater resource allocation.


The TBH Difference 

As TBH specialises in Project Programming & Scheduling who have been involved in various types of projects, TBH was able to reassure that the programme aligned with industry standards and met the Contractor’s requirements. The Contractor also benefited from TBH’s skills and experiences by receiving ongoing planning support. This is as TBH was able to highlight areas of concern in the programme and provide recommendations to mitigate any potential delays to maintain the specified Practical Completion date. Furthermore, TBH was able to successfully provide its service throughout the whole project with onsite presence.

To find out more about TBH’s Planning & Scheduling experience, please visit the Planning & Scheduling page.

Project Overview

Client BMD Construction
Services Planning & Scheduling
Value $ 35 million
Duration 2019 - 2020
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