TBH Announces New Executive Appointments

TBH today announced its board have appointed Gy Wallace in the newly created position of Group CEO. Gy will be responsible for the execution of the Group’s strategic plan, including guiding the business to take its suite of project advisory services abroad in the establishment of a larger International business. TBH is in its 55th year of operation in Australia and while it has operated internationally over the past 15 years – and been part of a very successful joint venture – this year, the business established its Asian and Middle East entities in their own right, laying a foundation for growth with the Australian business supporting the overseas expansion plans..


As the Chief Operating Officer for the Group during the past 18 months, Gy has an in-depth understanding of the business and what is required to achieve the Group’s growth aspirations. As an internationally experienced executive with a track record of successfully growing businesses, Gy is well placed to navigate the challenges of continuing to operate the successful Australian business while establishing a bigger presence in the Asia and Middle East regions.


TBH’s Managing Director, Rob Hammond said “We’re very fortunate to have someone of Gy’s calibre and experience in the business. He has a diverse background including senior roles with IBM, Multiplex as well as the Cronulla Sharks and brings a fresh perspective and renewed leadership to the TBH Group. He’s also previously been part of the growth of a successful international project management business – one that TBH has held a long association with – and as a result, we knew each other well before Gy joined the business in 2018. Gy is a strong communicator with extensive leadership skills and a track record of  execution. We are at a crucial juncture as a Group and have expanded significantly in Australia over the last 10 years and as we’ve grown, this appointment is a natural progression. The change will allow me to step out of the day to day operations of TBH and focus more on our external market opportunities.”


Gy Wallace said “It’s an honour to have the opportunity to lead the TBH Group and a privilege to work with such a talented and diverse executive leadership team. The potential of the business is enormous so it’s a very exciting time for all of us.”


Along with the changes in Australia we are delighted to announce the involvement of Guy Scott in the TBH International business. Guy and TBH became acquainted many years ago when Guy engaged TBH on a project in Jakarta in 1995. This relationship grew further, when in 2005, Guy played an instrumental role in the creation of the Confluence/TBH joint venture that enabled TBH to spread its wings across the Asia and Middle East geographies. Guy recently re-joined TBH as Executive Chairman of the international business to guide the business through our next phase of expansion.


Rob said “Guy brings a wealth of industry and international experience that’s invaluable for TBH. Having lived and operated in Asia and the Middle East over the past 30 years, Guy has been through the boom and bust cycles and knows what it takes to build a successful, sustainable business. With the Australian business’s support, it’s a great combination for us to realise our long held expansion plans and a chance for Guy to help guide our international leadership team through the journey.

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