Brisbane Airport New Parallel Runway


Project Overview

ACCIONA Infrastructure engaged Brisbane Airport to deliver a new parallel runway for their New Parallel Runway (NPR) project. The project consist of building a two distinct for the New Parallel Runway (NPR); Phase 1 includes the works necessary to effect the required ground improvements while Phase 2 represents the visible components like the runway and taxiway pavements and other airfield infrastructure.


TBH’s Role

TBH was engaged to provide a programme review requested by ACCONIA Infrastructure for the New Parallel Runway (NPR) project. TBH has reviewed the sequence and critical path of the programmes for the Construction and Landscaping phase, updated the programme regularly, formed comprehensive reports on resource with histograms based on the programme manhours. Furthermore, TBH identified potential risk associated with the programmes and made necessary recommendations.


The TBH Difference

TBH developed a programme of works for the project highlighting the critical works. It included provisions for durations based on TBH’s local, national and international defence experience. TBH were able to base productivity rates for trades on what we had observed on similar projects.

To find out more about TBH’s Planning & Scheduling experience, please visit the Planning & Scheduling page.

Project Overview

Services Planning and Scheduling
Value AUD $700 million
Duration 2019 - 2024
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