Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Wave Control PPO


Project Overview

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is responsible for delivering a significantly enhanced capital works infrastructure program over the next five years, to 2020, valued at approximately $16B. This capital program is driven by the NSW Government initiative to address transport issues and deliver new networks for the future. The portfolio included management of 250 projects, which are to be managed through 5 separate program offices (PMO). The ‘Wave Control’ project has been established to define and implement a governance framework for implementation of consistent, integrated program controls across all infrastructure projects. TBH worked both within the Infrastructure Portfolio

Support Office (IPSO) and within the project controls teams of the Program Offices.

TBH’s Role

TBH developed tools and processes, which integrated the time, cost, risk and reporting functions. Some of the key deliverables included design and development of the Schedule Management Framework. This framework is integrated into the overall project management, which includes governance, schedule, cost, risk and reporting.

This establishes transparency, consistency and traceability across all of the major disciplines.

  • Design and development of the portfolio master schedule structure and project schedule templates
  • Documentation and training of the scheduling function across the state and managing ongoing maturity
  • Development, implementation and management of analytics and reporting tools
  • Contribution to controls protocols added to all future contract documents and provision of an integrated controls expert and development of master schedule, project schedules, monthly updates, assessment of contractor schedules and SRA
  • TBH provided full training and “hands on” workshops to all RMS staff across the program offices to officiate the new frameworks and tools
  • Ongoing provision of multi skilled, Controls Specialists working across the time, cost, risk and reporting functions in support of project team tool development and implementation

Key outcomes currently achieved include:

  • Greater visibility of contingency – risk register was linked to cost reconciliation and schedule through one WBS
  • Automated reporting drawn from project tools
  • Portfolio and Program Master Schedules updated monthly
  • Implementation of new controls tools and processes Implemented scheduling best practice into the program and portfolio offices

To find out more about TBH’s Integrated Project Controls experience, please visit the Integrated Project Controls page.

Project Overview

Client Roads & Maritime Services (RMS)
Services Portfolio Program office, Integrated Project Controls
Value $16 billion
Duration 2015 - Present
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