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Specialists in time-managing entire projects, our recovery strategies for projects ‘in distress’ can be formulated, working quickly to identify the causes of a problem and then implementing real solutions. So whether a full service approach or the effective resolution of a problem area, TBH have the experience to help our clients deliver projects on time

What TBH Do

Time is money and completing a project on time can mean the difference between a cash flow crisis and a strong financial position. Through careful initial analysis and detailed project monitoring, our team specialise in delivering projects on time. Starting with well-considered and realistic time estimates, we guide a project’s entire development process, along with establishing timelines and forecasting completion dates. Complex relationships between project members, stakeholders and authorities are managed, keeping a close eye on all project areas. Problems are identified early and worked through with key team members to find solutions. Maintaining focus on the end goal, we work to keep projects on track, on time and on budget.

Since 1965, we have forged a reputation as a market leader in time management. From small to large projects, our expertise has been called upon to advise and assist business owners, financiers, contractors, subcontractors and the legal profession.

Specialist Skills

  • Master control programming and scheduling
  • Construction programming and scheduling
  • Programme analysis
  • Resource scheduling
  • Advice on project procurement strategy
  • Extension of time preparation or defence
  • Design and documentation programming and scheduling
  • Offsite work programming and scheduling
  • Trade package programming and scheduling
  • Man-hour trend curves
  • Advice on time related contractual clauses
  • Independent monitoring and reporting
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