TBH Director Dave Andrews engaged with a Contractor for the settlement of a COVID-19 Claim

Congratulations to TBH Director, Dave Andrews, and team, who assisted the main contractor to achieve a settlement for COVID-19 claims during a Melbourne lockdown for residential development; who were assessing losses arising from unforeseen costs, caused by the changes in legislation.

From our experience providing advice on COVID-19 claims to both Contractors and Clients, the majority of COVID-19 claims are being dealt with under the Contract terms. Due to the complexities of Contracts, disputes can arise where parties accept there is a Time & Cost claim due under the Contract terms but they are unable to negotiate an agreed settlement.

With our ability to provide integrated time and cost services, TBH has 56 years’ experience to assist in assessing the delay impact – as well as the additional cost implications of COVID-19 on your project with our experienced team of Quantity Surveyors.

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