TBH Maturity Assessment

TBH’s Maturity Assessment provides an objective rating of capability across the functions of time, cost, risk and contingency management. A set of predetermined criteria are used to quantify maturity across bands in a way that is unbiased, clear, specific and measurable.

Over five decades of experience, coupled with documented industry best practice, has been shaped into a bespoke assessment tool. This tool is used to capture and aid in the analysis of organisational data gathered through document reviews, interviews and benefits and workflow mapping. It illustrates how people, processes and technology interact to form the current state and helps to crystallise an appropriate future state.

A gap analysis is then carried out between the current state of project controls capability and a collection of industry best practices to identify key areas of focus. Success factors are defined against which progress can be measured and an implementation plan agreed. In this way we provide all the information required to successfully navigate the next steps toward maturity.

The following questions shows a sample of our Integrated Project Controls Maturity Assessment (IPCMA) tool which helps to arrive at an overall score (1 being very low maturity and 5 being industry best practice) for schedule, cost, risk and contingency management. This tool quantifies the current state (As-is) and measures it against the required and agreed level of maturity for each individual criterion based on the required future state (To-Be). This sample gives you the opportunity to consider your current and desired future state ratings for each included criterion.

Maturity Assessment Sample

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