WaterNSW Assets Delivery Portfolio


Project Overview

WaterNSW Asset Delivery Teams are responsible for the design & delivery of a large portfolio of work, consisting of over 79 projects. These projects vary in size and complexity; from a repeatable parts replacement taking a brief period of few weeks to deploy to a complex regional infrastructure redesign taking decades to implement and finish. Risk and Contingency Management services will improve the way their Asset Delivery teams monitor and manage this pipeline of work, through the development and implementation of a robust risk management process integrating cost, time, risk, reporting. Over the course of multiple phases, people, processes and technology will be brought together through the development of a consistent and streamlined approach, combined system information, targeted reporting and standardised frameworks, which will ensure that as a group, they achieve their outcomes and successfully deliver benefits to the organisation and customers.


TBH’s Role

TBH was engaged by WaterNSW to work collaboratively with their Asset Delivery team in the development and implementation of a practical integrated projects controls process suited to their business. This engagement has involved three phases:

Phase 1 – Discovery & Foundations:

  • Determine processes currently in place and gauge effectiveness
  • Conduct maturity assessment, identifying current/future state capabilities and improvements to tools and processes with recommendations on how to achieve maturity uplift

Phase 2 – Initiation and Pilot:

  • Draft risk management framework, including contingency management
  • Draft, document and finalise supporting risk management framework, i.e. work instructions, guides, manual (including reporting procedures/guidelines) and integrated project controls framework
  • Design assurance and risk governance structure, hierarchy and program and portfolio view
  • Design, develop and pilot processes and associated tools e.g. risk register, and reporting dashboards
  • Design, develop and pilot required organisational change & training material

Phase 3 – Implementation

  • Compliance review and reforming the existing risk registers
  • Uplifting the staff capability through targeted training and culture promotion program
  • Undertaking Quantitative Risk Analysis, both Schedule and Cost Risk Analysis

The TBH Difference 

TBH provide a targeted and unified solution that improves the overall quality and accuracy of risk management within Asset Delivery teams. The solution has been designed with a mind towards repeatability and transparency across varying types of projects, which will improve ease of management across WaterNSW asset Delivery portfolio and encourage proactive, rather than reactive, risk management. Better decision making will also result through the consolidation of various data sources into a streamlined reporting dashboard, that can be expanded in the future to include real-time data as the overall maturity of the control processes increases. Additionally, tools developed explicitly for managing risks; which brings together a comprehensive picture allowing the team to focus on delivery and achievement of outcomes and benefits.

To find out more about TBH’s Risk Management experience, please visit the Risk Management page.

Project Overview

Client WaterNSW
Services Risk Management
Value Confidential
Duration 2020 - Present
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