Powder Leach Nickel Sulphate Plant Project

Project Overview

The Powder Leach Nickel Sulphate Plant (PLNSP) Project, located South of Perth, Western Australia, within the Kwinana industrial area at BHP Nickel West’s refinery, involves the design and construction of a processing plant used to convert nickel metal powder into a nickel sulphate hexahydrate crystal product used in lithium-ion batteries. Aerison was awarded the contract for the provision of the structural, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation (SMPE&I) scope of works for the PLNSP Project by BHP Nickel West.


TBH’s Role

TBH was engaged by Aerison to provide an expert opinion in relation to the extension of time (EOT) being claimed by Aerison. The role and specific duties performed by TBH are as follows: TBH provided the following services on the project:

  • Review and analyse the contemporaneous project records, correspondence, and the updates of the programmes to better understand the actual progress of the works;
  • Assess and quantify the delays experienced by Aerison by undertaking a detailed delay analysis; and
  • Preparation of an expert report in relation to the EOT being claimed.


The TBH Difference

TBH facilitated numerous workshops with Aerison throughout the preparation of the expert report to better understand:

  • The approved baseline programme, and subsequent updates thereof, developed by Aerison; and
  • The changes and delays experienced by Aerison throughout each phase of the PLNSP Project, which in turn allowed TBH to assess the effects against the project milestone completion dates.

To find out more about TBH’s Claims and Dispute Resolution experience, please visit the Claims and Dispute Resolution page.

Project Overview

Client Aerison
Services Claims and Dispute Resolution
Value $33 million
Duration 2019 - Present
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