Implementation Planning for KSA’s Giga-Project Era

With the emergence of large-scale, complex, non-EPC construction projects – also known as giga-projects – in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), comprehensive implementation planning has become more critical than ever to achieving successful project delivery.

While many giga-projects are comprised of similar elements, such as hotels, stadiums and theme parks, the complexity of delivering hundreds of these projects simultaneously in a confined area, with thousands of interfaces, cumulative resource and supply-chain demands, and significant enabling infrastructure, is exponentially greater than simply the summative complexity of those projects.

A significant challenge of delivering the strategic vision and objectives of these giga-projects is that their scale and complexity often invite time and cost overruns.

A giga-project expert who has spent several years working across multiple high-profile projects in KSA, Stephen Topp, TBH’s Country Manager for KSA, has been featured in the July issue of Construction Week explaining the complexities around the delivery of giga projects and the importance of implementation planning in KSA’s giga-project era.

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