Rebuilding Capacity – By Jonathan Jacobs

“Yes, but do you have capacity?” – this seems to be one of the most common questions I hear today.

As consultants, we are in the people business. When we talk about capacity it is in relation to spread of skills and experience across our organisations. Capacity is therefore the optimum level of capability deployed to the right location for a defined duration to accomplish a specific task. It gives us the ability to deliver a quality service within specified time and budget constraints. It enables the responsiveness our clients demand and is how we build our reputations. Reputations that form the foundations of long-term sustainable business.

With net immigration declining since about 2009 and with unemployment sitting at 3.5% we are clearly running out of capacity. But this is not the end of the story – with pandemic stimulus investment still running hot through local markets everyone is feeling the pinch. In a recent Hays salary guide 77% of employers surveyed expected business activity to increase. Staffing demand is high with over 61% of employers intending to increase headcount and 91% of experiencing skills shortages.

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