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TBH’s team of consultants will lead you through the Transaction process step-by-step.

Protect your interests

Our Transaction Management experts will ensure you avoid the risks and pitfalls of construction contracts. Without proper procedures put in place, a project’s lifecycle can become complicated, which often leads to the failure of the project.

TBH has worked with clients across the globe to ensure risk-free, large-scale construction contracts.

Specialist Skills

  • Negotiating commercial terms
  • Identifying practical and solution-oriented business case options
  • Developing procurement strategies and contract arrangements that balance value, market conditions and broader project objectives
  • Developing tender documents and conducting tender evaluations.
  • Developing transaction processes that integrate commercial and technical requirements to deliver successful contract outcomes that meet our client’s needs
  • Maintaining communication between managers and stakeholders throughout the transaction process
  • Ensuring that the contract can be managed for value and respond to changing circumstances
  • Using data models to help our clients understand user requirements
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