Embracing the digital transformation of construction in the Middle East

“In 1999, while we were graduating from using floppy disks to CD-ROMs in our Intel Pentium computers, the amazing computer game, “Unreal Tournament”, was released. It was a game which revolutionized the video game industry with realistic graphics that were beyond its era.

This was the first time I heard about “Unreal Engine”, a powerful gaming engine.

Today, many of us in the construction industry have heard about this since gaming engines are used to benefit 4D planning animations, architectural designs with enhanced customer experience and even in the visualization of construction disputes.

The Middle East is a great place to be the first to witness new technologies being tested. Over the past few years, with multiple challenges such as the global pandemic, an inflationary environment and reduced capital expenditure post World Cup, the market has pushed the industry to be more change adaptive. Some of the challenges we face are destined to be addressed with technological innovations.”

As a Planning and Project Controls specialist with over fifteen years of experience in the construction industry, TBH Associate Director, Anil Ipekci, has been featured in the August issue of Construction Business News Middle East, where he shared his thoughts and insights on embracing the digital transformation of the construction sector in the Middle East; highlighting examples of new technologies and the benefits they can bring to the sector.

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Construction Business News Middle East is a publication focused on the Middle East’s construction industry, analysing the latest developments and trends in construction, real estate, MEP, FM, construction machinery, architecture, and sustainability.

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