Kowloon Canton Integrated Controls

Hong Kong

Project Overview

At the end of 1998, Foxboro Australia completed a turnkey contract for the supply of an Integrated Control and Communications System (ICCS) to monitor and control the KCR network to be installed at KCR’s Control Centre at Fo Tan. This project enhanced the safety of the corporation’s operations and increased the network capacity on average by 20%. In April 2001, Foxboro was awarded a similar contract for the supply of an ICCS to monitor and

control the expansion of the KCR network to Ma On Shan in the North East and East Tsim Tha Shui in the South West. The ICCS for the KCR’s Project consists of the supply and integration of the following major sub-systems:

  • Train Control System, Power Control System, Fibre Optic Backbone Communications Network, Train Information System, and Long Line Public Address System


TBH’s Role

TBH was commissioned to provide project control services and advice regarding the design, procurement, manufacture, installation, testing and commissioning phases of the Kowloon Canton Railway project.

There were a number of sensitivities surrounding the programme that TBH needed to address including the design of each individual system (including hardware and software) as an integrated process, with the factory acceptance tests, which were driven by installation requirements;

  • A significant number of interfaces with other contractors either at the design or installation phase
  • Restrictions on site access to various train stations and sections of rail track, due to preceding civil and E&M contracts
  • Significant coordination was required to integrate the various subsystems into an overall system during testing and commissioning.

The Kowloon Canton Railway (KCR) Corporation is one of the premier railway operators in South East Asia. Daily patronage has increased from 130,000 in 1983 to exceed 1 million in 2001. International freight traffic of 24 trains per day between the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong’s shipping facilities also use the rail network.

To find out more about TBH’s Integrated Project Controls experience, please visit the Integrated Project Controls page.

Project Overview

Client Foxboro Australia
Services Project Consulting
Value Confidential
Duration 2004
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