Telco Operating Model Design and Organisational Change Management


This major Australian Telco provider is delivering a $1.6 program of work including building 27,000km of the next generation of Intercapital and Foundation Fibre Network around Australia, using the latest Fibre technology. TBH has partnered with this provider for over two years, providing PMO services and project controls.

TBH’s Role

As an existing partner in providing PMO services and project controls, TBH was asked to support the design and implementation of a new organisation division that would consolidate multiple PMOs, project delivery functions and streamline governance and assurance.

Over a six month period, TBH provided a range of advice and support to accelerate the design and implementation of the organisational change. This included:

  • Providing design advice on the to-be functional model
  • Analysing current and future state FTE requirements and organisational structure designs
  • Developing a 30:60:90 Transition Plan to embed the new division
  • Facilitating workshops to align the Executive and leadership teams and gain alignment on functional scope, accountabilities and interdependencies
  • Designing and implementing a ‘Flow to Work’ resource model between the new division and other centres of excellence across the broader organisation requiring the development of resource forecasts, request workflows, and Power BI dashboards and training of senior leaders.
  • Designing new program structures, stream scope statements, governance frameworks, meeting and reporting cadences, roles, responsibilities and accountabilities.
  • Establishing a new “Program Playbook” and knowledge management platform to enable greater transparency and support resources for all team members and stakeholders.
  • Leading organisational change interventions to bring together previously disparate teams that had experienced high levels of tension and conflict. This included briefings, roadshows, new communications channels and facilitating connection and relationship building opportunities across teams.

The TBH Difference

The new division was successfully established with an engaged leadership team that was aligned and committed to lead the changes required to achieve their collective outcomes.

The structured delivery of the 30:60:90 Transition Plan put people at the centre of the changes and supported them to adopt the changes and reduce the ‘performance dip’ following organisatonal design change. This was especially important for the team due to the significant project delivery priorities that could have otherwise adversely effected the impact of the organisational design change. The organisation change interventions created a positive, and high trust environment that is foundational for high performance teams. An example of evidence of this was the increased engagement at daily check-ins with increased attendance, more cameras on, greater participation, questions and collaboration, and regular recognition of good news.

To find out more about TBH’s Organisational Change Management expertise, please visit the Organisational Change Management page.

Project Overview

Client Leading Australian Telco provider
Services Organisational Change Management
Value $1.6 billion
Duration 2023
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